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Online Travellers Prefer Buying Directly from the Hotel Website
Recently Forrester Research found that 69% of US leisure travelers prefer to buy online directly from a supplier while just 27% prefer to buy from intermediaries. This is yet another confirmation that hoteliers and travel suppliers should focus more than ever on their direct-to-consumer online distribution and should work hard on regaining control of the Web from the online discounters and intermediaries.

For the customer - an easy to use hotel ,  tour and car hire reservation portal.  It is growing rapidly because of its ease of use - it is a straight referral tool direct to the supplier - . Over the last few years there has been a rapid rise in the number of web sites asking you to discount rates . Easyres lets you get your normal rates and we drive business to your web site directly - in fact if you have a look at some of the hotels listed on our website,  the customer clicks onto the suppliers name, is then transferred to the suppliers web site and goes straight into an online purchase. This is easy for the customer and a brilliant result for the suppliers.  quick and easy e- commerce.  Easyres advertises its hotel portal widely - so you are guaranteed internet bookings.

Option 1 No set up costs, and a booking fee of 10% per booking applies. There are no monthly fees. We simply pay your money into your bank account each month. You will receive a confirmation email of the booking, and the customer will as  well. Think about the benefits. You can control the description , have different room types, room rates, have up to 24 different date bands or season bands (different prices in each) . You will be given a login and password so that you directly control / update online,  room rates, inventory etc on the internet booking engine. You will get referral business from the www.easyres.com.au   web portal, as well as other easyres web sites.  You will not have to worry about having the software on your computers. Relax, your bookings are all done on the servers at Easyres. Operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a  week.  Have your inventory of rooms available  for years in advance if you want - this year, net year.  

We will have your Internet reservation system up and running, with these benefits....

  • Reservations can be supported by credit card or just sent by email. Booking details are recorded on the server and emailed direct to you with a copy to the guest.
  • Referral business from www.easyres.com.au   website.
  • View reports and sales analysis figures using a web browser or download data into a spreadsheet.
  • View guests due to check in between specified dates, guest contact information and inventory reports.
  • Easily add reservation taken from outside RezEasy (by telephone etc.) so availability is always up to date.
  • Allow travel agents or corporate clients to login to your site and receive a discount (you can specify a different discount for each agent/corporate client). .
  • Visitors can search by area, state, country and more.
  • Update room availability, prices, seasons and other information over the Internet.
    • You can:  
    • Specify up to 24 different seasonal rates per room, or up to 4 different rates per week, or a combination of both;
    • Specify up to 50 different room types (there is no limit on the number of rooms for each room type);
    • Charge per room or per person;
    • When charging per person you can specify different rates for up to 5 persons per room plus a child price;
    • Have different prices for the current year and the next year;
    • Specify minimum & maximum number of occupants (adults and/or children) per room;
    • Specify minimum & maximum number of nights that can be booked;
    • Specify lead time for bookings from 0 days in advance, till how many days prior to arrival you decide is appropriate.
    • Specify dates when rooms cannot be booked;
    • Specify an overbooking allowance for each room type;
    • Specify a fixed amount and/or percentage charge that can be added to or deducted from the booking total;
    • Apply a discount after a predetermined length of stay;
    • Add tax to the total cost of the bookings;
    • Include options and/or extras (meals, airport pickup, tours etc.) on the booking form. Options and extras can be priced per person per night, per room per night, per person per booking or per booking. RezEasy includes the cost of any options and extras selected by the guest in the calculated total;
    • Full room rate is paid at the time of booking, so you know the booking will turn up.  Cancellation terms can be set.
  • Select the style for arrival and departure date boxes (popup calendar or drop down list);
  • Collect additional data by adding extra fields to the checkout (booking confirmation) form;
  • Quickly create special offer booking forms to offload rooms at low season;
  • Block periods of the year when you don't accept reservations - holiday time for you, or where repeat business has you full anyway.

So if you want an ecommerce site that lets your customers pay online though our booking engine, and the money goes into your bank account automatically,  take  the step now. You can have web site control with a login and password over your rates , room types, seasons, different prices for weekends and weekdays, have a look at www.alpineholidays.com.au and see how their online reservations work -( but do not make a booking as it is live!) You can also list overseas properties on www.easyres.com.au , www.ezyrez.co.uk , www.ezyrez.co.nz , or www.ezyrez.com. Multi property rates available.

Option 2 If you do not wish to have E Commerce facilities, you can have online bookings  where you get the credit card details and you do the credit card transaction as you already do it now. This costs $200 Australian Dollars, to set -up , and $25 per month.    You get option 3 for no extra charge.

Option 3 Easyres  Portal Direct Link to your website - no commission payable  - suitable to chains and individual motels / hotels/ tour operators  etc.  For single web-sites the cost is $190  for 12 months including GST.  It sure is worth it - It doesn't matter if you receive 10 or 100 bookings, it is still only $190.   This is our cheapest form of online bookings. Statistics are available for those that are interested. For multi-property listings, there is a discount depending upon the number of properties.  Customers connect to www.easyres.com.au   and select a city/town , or search using our search facility, and when they select your listing it goes directly to your own website. We get paid a yearly link fee for option 3,  and this money goes to the operation of the business, as well as advertising www.easyres.com.au     in different media  -   then the customer selects you , the supplier and books.  

For option 3, please phone the number below.If you only use email enquiries, think hard about the options above - this is where most hotels, motels, large apartment blocks are heading - customers want online instant bookings. 

For an online booking engine facility  on your website, click  HOTELS

For other suppliers, tour operators and attractions, car rental companies,  please email us at info@easyres.com.au     Include phone, and website details.

So let us know which is your best option.  We believe we have some of the cheapest options available to you today.  Contact us now.


Marty Koppe - the Easyres team - making online bookings easy !

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